Posted by: louisethomson | May 23, 2009

long journey home…

Why is it that we always call “home” the place that we are not?  I haven’t lived in Ontario for 14 years and in Niagara Falls for 20 and yet we still say we are going home. 

On Monday the boys and I are travelling back to Ontario to look after Aileen’s “stuff”.  We had so many laughs (and arguments!) over her love of her things and my, as she called it, lack of sentimentality.  The truth is that I am the biggest sap going but I just don’t need things to remind me.  As a result, I need to be there to handle things properly.  There have already been some things happen that should not have.  I need to make things right for her.  It is the least that I can do for her.  We had 42 years together.  It should have been many more.

Aileen’s passing is still not something that I have dealt with.  I am burying myself in school work and in my own daily work on the recall list and trying not to think about it.  I had a young boy (grade 4) come up to me on Thursday and say, “I am sorry about your sister, Mrs. Thomson”.  I was completely taken aback as I have not really told anyone.  I am OK with people knowing but I just can’t be the one to tell them as I can’t do it without crying.  The boy was so well-spoken and so grown-up in his statement that I think that I will always remember this boy for this one not-so-small expression of sympathy.  

It is always the little things…



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