Posted by: louisethomson | May 8, 2009

online support!

I often have people tell me that they could not do an online course because they would feel too isolated and disconnected from their fellow learners. I have not found this to be the case in the MET program.  I don’t “know” my classmates in the traditional sense but we all share an interest in using technology and many of us share family situations and challenges as we work through this, often daunting, adventure.

All of our courses begin with an introduction phase during which we post our bios and goals and any personal details we wish to disclose.  I am not sure if these always work out the way the instructor intended but they almost immediately become a support system as we compare where we are in the “program” and which other courses we are, or are not, taking this term.

This term when I disclosed that I am taking 3 courses in some misguided attempt to move this train forward some of my classmates and I had a very funny discussion about how my summer camping experiences would require WiFi-enabled campgrounds.  A fellow student sent my this cartoon as part of this thread.  I love it! 

Visions of July!

Visions of July!


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