Posted by: louisethomson | April 13, 2009

End of another term!

Well, I am very happy to say that I am now 40% done my Masters.  This term has been very difficult with a busy Music contract at Discovery for 3 months and 2 very demanding courses.  I have now completed ETEC 500 and ETEC 510 in addition to ETEC 511 and 512 that were done in the fall term. 

I just turned in my two final assignments for 510 yesterday.  This course was a pretty steep learning curve for me.  It was on educational research.  I have no particular interest in conducting research so having to construct a research proposal for research I will most likely never carry out is a source of frustration for me.  I had alot of trouble engaging with the material.  Why did I take this course then?  It was a required core course.  As a matter of fact, all of the courses I have taken have been the 4 required core courses.  I am now looking forward to taking a couple some electives that are more geared towards my particular interests regarding technology use in the classroom.

Starting in May the next term begins.  I am taking ETEC 532 and the brand new course ETEC 565.  The new course promises to be a bit more practical than theoretical so I am eagerly anticipating that. 

Actually, I CAN wait though!  This is my first day with no school work to do since the Christmas holidays.   A great relief!  I am spending it getting my desk back in order before the next onslaught of paper begins….


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