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long journey home…

Why is it that we always call “home” the place that we are not?  I haven’t lived in Ontario for 14 years and in Niagara Falls for 20 and yet we still say we are going home. 

On Monday the boys and I are travelling back to Ontario to look after Aileen’s “stuff”.  We had so many laughs (and arguments!) over her love of her things and my, as she called it, lack of sentimentality.  The truth is that I am the biggest sap going but I just don’t need things to remind me.  As a result, I need to be there to handle things properly.  There have already been some things happen that should not have.  I need to make things right for her.  It is the least that I can do for her.  We had 42 years together.  It should have been many more.

Aileen’s passing is still not something that I have dealt with.  I am burying myself in school work and in my own daily work on the recall list and trying not to think about it.  I had a young boy (grade 4) come up to me on Thursday and say, “I am sorry about your sister, Mrs. Thomson”.  I was completely taken aback as I have not really told anyone.  I am OK with people knowing but I just can’t be the one to tell them as I can’t do it without crying.  The boy was so well-spoken and so grown-up in his statement that I think that I will always remember this boy for this one not-so-small expression of sympathy.  

It is always the little things…


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online support!

I often have people tell me that they could not do an online course because they would feel too isolated and disconnected from their fellow learners. I have not found this to be the case in the MET program.  I don’t “know” my classmates in the traditional sense but we all share an interest in using technology and many of us share family situations and challenges as we work through this, often daunting, adventure.

All of our courses begin with an introduction phase during which we post our bios and goals and any personal details we wish to disclose.  I am not sure if these always work out the way the instructor intended but they almost immediately become a support system as we compare where we are in the “program” and which other courses we are, or are not, taking this term.

This term when I disclosed that I am taking 3 courses in some misguided attempt to move this train forward some of my classmates and I had a very funny discussion about how my summer camping experiences would require WiFi-enabled campgrounds.  A fellow student sent my this cartoon as part of this thread.  I love it! 

Visions of July!

Visions of July!

Posted by: louisethomson | May 4, 2009

Another term…

Started the summer term today.   I have optimistically enrolled in three classes which makes me full time.  Seemed like a good idea right up until this morning when the courses went “live” and I saw all of the work ahead of me!

I am taking ETEC 532, ETEC 565 and LIBE 465.

I am sure I will be glad in August…

This is my new mantra!

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Funny how we always refer to the place that we aren’t as “home”.   I have booked a flight to go home with the boys at the end of May and look after Aileen’s stuff.  How many laughs, arguments, conversations did we have about her “stuff”???

I need to know that the things she cared about are looked after.  It is the least I can do for her. 

I accidentally dialed her number yesterday trying to call Tom’s parents and all of a sudden I heard her voice on her answering machine.

I miss her so much.

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Life and death

Seven days after my last post my beloved sister has gone.  I am in a state of shock and am experiencing more grief than I could have ever imagined.  As long as I have memories, Aileen has always been an integral part of them.  She has been the most constant best friend I have had.

Her sense of humour and willingness to laugh at herself has given me great joy over the years.  You know you really love someone when you call them from Jakarta at a cost of $10/minute! 

I am devastated by this loss.

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Another sad report about Aileen’s condition from Lindsay.  She feels that she has had a stroke although the hospital personnel haven’t said so.  Her heart rate still hovers over the 100 mark even with meds.

I am worried sick and can’t imagine not having her.  When I think of all of the things we have shared together over the years despite our 17 year age difference….

Lindsay is hoping to get her moved to St. Catharines to be closer to her.  I think that is a good idea.

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End of another term!

Well, I am very happy to say that I am now 40% done my Masters.  This term has been very difficult with a busy Music contract at Discovery for 3 months and 2 very demanding courses.  I have now completed ETEC 500 and ETEC 510 in addition to ETEC 511 and 512 that were done in the fall term. 

I just turned in my two final assignments for 510 yesterday.  This course was a pretty steep learning curve for me.  It was on educational research.  I have no particular interest in conducting research so having to construct a research proposal for research I will most likely never carry out is a source of frustration for me.  I had alot of trouble engaging with the material.  Why did I take this course then?  It was a required core course.  As a matter of fact, all of the courses I have taken have been the 4 required core courses.  I am now looking forward to taking a couple some electives that are more geared towards my particular interests regarding technology use in the classroom.

Starting in May the next term begins.  I am taking ETEC 532 and the brand new course ETEC 565.  The new course promises to be a bit more practical than theoretical so I am eagerly anticipating that. 

Actually, I CAN wait though!  This is my first day with no school work to do since the Christmas holidays.   A great relief!  I am spending it getting my desk back in order before the next onslaught of paper begins….

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Rainy Parksville

Back in Parksville after a couple of days at home.  Caelen’s tournament started this morning with an 8-8 tie with the Comox Valley Yetis.  A good game!

Caelen played very well in D but I would rather see him play forward.  One D per family is good!  Too much to compete about if they both play the same position.

We are staying at Riverbend RV again in site #14 and Luke and the kids are beside us.  Nice for C to have Matt to hang out with.  Barb and Carm are back in their cabin.

Lots of work to still get done.  Have not been very productive during this “break”.

Back to work Monday!!

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Winter Camping!

Well, the wet coast is living up to its name for this trip.  We have been in Parksville for 3 nights and we have had alot of rain and even quite a bit of snow!  We were originally going to go from here to Tofino for the Pacific Rim Festival but have decided against it. 

We came up for Owen’s last tournament of the season and it was alot of fun.  They made it to the finals and came in fourth place out of 14 teams.  

We also got to celebrate Owen’s 12th birthday up here.  I cannot believe he is 12 years old!  Wasn’t he just a baby in my arms?  Their childhoods are a heartbeat.  He is such an amazing person.  I count my blessings every day that he is mine.

We are back here on Friday the 20th of March for the start of Caelen’s tournament.  

Trying to get my schoolwork done while we are in the trailer but I have not been so successful so hopefully going home for a couple of days will be a good thing.

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My Sister

My beloved sister is learning to use the computer after almost 60 years of living in the dark ages!

I am so impressed that you can go from “Where is the On button?” to learning how to send and receive email.

She is so cool!

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